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Renegade Legend of Windsurfing Sails

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“This has to be the greatest sport. Nice wind, smooth water, sailing with my younger son, Hayden. How can people not love this? If they don’t, they’re missing out.”

david_ezzy4David Ezzy

Born in 1958 in British Columbia, Canada

Married to Laura. He and Laura have three children, with Graham being the oldest and most visible, and the youngest being Hayden.

Lives in Haiku, Hawaii .


ezzy_logo1It all began for David back in 1975 as a high school kid in Canada. It was there that he first tried out windsurfing on Alta Lake in British Columbia.His love for the sport grew so strong that he dropped out of college to move to Hawaii to windsurf.


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Famed Windsurfing Legend Robby Naish

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“It’s all been good, you know.”

robby_naish4Robby Naish

Nicknames: Bertl, Fred, Throbbing Gash, Nobby Rash, Elvis, Dickhead, Respicio, Pilfred.

Born April 23, 1963 in La Jolla, California

Went to school at: Lanikai Elementary School, Kailua Intermediate School, Kalaheo High School, and Punahou High School

Married to high school sweetheart, Bitsy in 1981.

Married to Kathryn Lipp in 1991.
Children’s names are Nani and Christina.

Lives in Haiku, Maui.


“We were sort of writing our own destiny.”


Robby Naish moved with his family to Kailua on Oahu in Hawaii in 1968 at the age of 5. In 1974, at age 11, he began windsurfing. He won his first overall World Championship title in 1976 at

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Legend of Windsurf Sail

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“It feels like flying. You’re standing on a wing. There’s a wing in the water, and a wing in the air, and you’re going fast enough to be flying.”

barry_spanier_dropBarry Spanier

Born on July 30, 1946 in
San Francisco, California

Married to Theresa Breedlove

Father of Zeppo

Lives in Maui, Hawaii


“Every knot of the way, sailmaking was my support and my gift. Many places, my sewing machine made clothes from flour sacks and old blankets. It made tents and covers. It generally made friends.”

maui_sails1Barry has been a fully apprenticed and independent maker of yacht sails and an innovator of the windsurf sail since 1967. He came to the beautiful island of Maui in 1978 and decided that is where he wanted

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Windsurfing Innovator Ken Winner

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“Ken Winner is truly one of windsurfing’s most knowledgeable figures.”
-Robby Naish

ken_winnerKen Winner

Born on May 4th, 1955

Married Alison Fitts but divorced in 2000 Married Julie Scheyer in 2010

Father of two daughters

Lives in Hood River, OR



Ken began windsurfing in 1975. Excelling in racing from the beginning, he jockeyed with Robby Naish for the top spot in the fledgling years of the sport, winning 3 world championships. He won several world championships. Alongside of his competition, he was also actively developing new and better equipment designs as well as windsurfing techniques, such as the carving jibe, that have become widely used. He not only has designed top selling boards, but many of the basic functions of

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