Do You Have a Favorite Windsurfing Legend?

Since there has been wind and water there have been legends of sail:

  • captain_jack_sparrow1The ancient prophet Jonah
  • Leif Erikson
  • Captain Ahab
  • Ferdinand Magellan
  • Admiral David Farragut
  • Captain James Cook
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Captain Jack Sparrow

Then Something Changed

Then, late in the 20th century, something happened that revolutionized the way we sail, and we not only became one with the waves like a surfer but one with the wind like a glider; this unique fusion created thrills and possibilities before unimaginable and a whole new breed of legends.

I grew up watching them, dreaming of them, admiring them. I’m a windsurfer at heart, and over the years I have seen the sport grow and players, places, and equipment turn to legends. To me, this is nearly as much a part of windsurfing as sailing the waves myself. I said nearly!

Sailing Legends

These sensations have played out right before my eyes:

  • Legendary equipment and designers
  • Legendary sailors and innovators
  • Legendary windsurfing destinations
  • Legendary instruction and mentors
  • Legendary explorers
  • Legendary photographers and reporters


Do You Dream of Windsurfing?

I do. And I wake up every morning more excited than the day before. And why shouldn’t I since pictures of sailing, surfing and sailboards assail my visions in the night. It captivates my waking thoughts with water, surf, sunshine, travel, food, friends, recreation, excitement, and relaxation.


Growing Up with These Legends, Which Are My Favorites?

That’s what this site is about. There are a lot of legends in the sea and this sport, however you want to say it—windsurfing, boardsailing, sailboarding—has enough to fill the reefs and beaches of the world, more than enough to fill this website. A legend is a matter of individual perspective and these pages contain mine. I hope you enjoy these sensations that have caught my attention and heart in a special way.

If you would like to tell me about your favorite legends or of ones you feel need to be added, contact me here. Any of your suggestions or corrections are welcome.